oh, i so desire nothing more than to become vegan now. i am almost fully convinced of the benefits to both my health and conscious.

however, a prevailing dilema is how to break it to my parents. though they have been more than supportive about being vegetarian, i’m not too certain that they will continue to be supportive when they find out i’m cutting out dairy, egg and honey.

but this might take a while for me to do, as i am completely unaware of where to find vegan produce; at any supermarket? only at certain ones? which also highlights the fact that some supermarkets are beyond unethical, which therefore begs the question do i even want to shop there.

so before i go headfirst into veganism, i might first read a book or two on it, and maybe find out what bread i can now eat. i honestly never realised dairy products were in so many basic foods.

if i do become vegan over this summer, it will certainly make backpacking round europe and 2 weeks in spain an interesting time dietary wise. though then again a lack of food in my diet would most certainly not be a negative thing to the excess roles of fat i have lying around.

this is my vegan wishlist;

wishlist2bag – asos

shoes – beyond skin

moisturiser – lush

body wash – lush

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