it’s another town it’s another world

unfortunately , i’m having to catch up on the work i did not do yesterday due to having to escape to balbee’s house to hide from my  parents, who randomly started on me for turning vegan, saying how i’m preventing us from going out as a family! basically they told me i’m selfish (wtf) how can being vegan be selfish when i would be helping animals?! in any case so some  main-stream restaurants will offer to adapt a dish to be vegan. besides they never even asked about me turning vegan, they just didn’t want to know, which is not my fault if every time I tried to bring it up for the past few months they ignored what i said!

luckily, my second home is much more understanding. to cheer up we did lush facemasks, again, but this time i had the oatifix face mask, which balbee got as a tester because sales people love her, and it looked like i had thrown up all over my face. absolutely disgusting.

however, balbee did have this conical wand hair curler thingy (i’m terrible with names for objects) which made her hair look divine – it was slightly tight curls but long, and it was just so natural looking and took barely any time!

my brain is so filled with philosophers and deism, which i suppose is a good thing as it might mean that my revision is working. however, my attention is faltering once again. and i have yet to start on ANY french revision, as in i have done none and my exam is in two days! fuckity fuck. maybe i’ll have a brain transplant and suddenly understand grammar, and not make stupid grade-altering mistakes.


though my brother is surprisingly supportive in this whole revising ma-lark. it’s kinda nice to have him home, he’s just so sensible he kinda makes me want to try and be sensible too.


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