prom prep

so so tipsy. first drink in months, and this post is taking ages for me to type without faults.

i’m so excited for prom! first layer of makeup is on now. eek, so so soon. i love dressing up, any occasion  and im overlydressed up. i hope everything goes alrite, and i sober up in time to go to the airport! i just don’t understand why you’re not allowed drunk onto a plane?! it’s ruining my night. but oh well, im just so excited! balbee is going to look so pretty in her prom dress, it’s so perfect for her. i hope i look as good as her.

i’m also rather looking forward to going to arcachon for the weekend to get abit of colour to my pale creamy skin. but silly bromley topshop didn’t have the dress I wanted to wear for mami’s party so instead i’m having to wear an old dress!


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