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finally, it’s finished. why couldn’t the perfect question come up?!  honestly, our silly english teacher failed to teach us the half of the novel that actually came up! what a dissapointing exam to take. only to be followed by an average exam paper whereby i fluffed my way through iago, writing incoherent sentences and referring to irrelevant passages of the play! the  only positive part was the metaphysical poetry, though i was thoroughly dissapointed that I could not write about holy sonnet x or xiv.


so annoying, nothings been arriving in the post!


so when you smiled, i laid my heart on the line

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putting yourself out there is so scary, and knowing you will but havn’t yet is worse as you have the time to imagine all the scenarios of how it’s going to go – none good. so to prevent my heart from stopping in fear i have been discovering a rather expensive shopping addiction to play with.

 or in my case, imaginary shopping. for i have no money, quite actually stone broke. oh well, this summer should be worth it.

wishlist 3emerald green shoulder bag – stella mccartney

print silk dress – alexander mcqueen

vintage crystal flower headband – butler&wilson

gem-embellished clutch – stella mccartney

money, money, money

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‘if i were a rich girl, na na na na na na na na na na na na…’


alex monroe jewelry!  i just love these rings, shame about the gold-digga prices!  i think my favourite has to be the daisy one though, so cute. but say that i do love how thin the band on the citrine ring is! if only i believed in marriage, then i wouldn’t say no to one such ring.


PAUL SMITH IS GOD. just look at that great detailed illustration on the skirt. i adore his striped designs. such a classic thing. my mum has the striped belt, and i swear it makes every outfit look a thousand times better. even my dad has a paul smith wallet! its so perfect, it’s actually quite like the skirt with the stripy car thing.

oh, and of course this belt! it’s a little hard to see perfectly in this photo, but im just loving the studded detail.


olsen haus

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thanks to balbee, who found this beautiful shoe designer, i have discovered gorgeous vegan shoes, that aren’t ridiculously expensive like stella mccartney’s (though i do long for a pair of her caged heels)

i seriously just can’t believe how lovely these shoes are, especially considering their vegan! the red shoes i previously posted are also vegan, but slightly plain. these however, are fuck me shoes.

Brazil_eggplantBalance_citronUNFORTUNATELY, they’re part of the fall 09 collection, so i’ll have to wait a while to get them, and save up a while. but they are so totally worth it, my favourite is the top one!

thank you thank you thank you balbee! you’re a saviour! i’m totally not made for the ugly shoes, the like a certain politics teacher tends to wear. bless her. i can’t wait to spend spend spend.

twinkle toes

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i hate having morals!

damn the fact that i won’t wear leather. damn vegan shoebrands for not making gorgeous shoes!

i am totally in love with these giuseppe zanotti shoes! seriously, just check out those heels.

33799_in_xlMEGA-LUSTING. i wish vegan shoes were fuck me shoes. shame. what a price i pay for a clean conscious!!

it’s in the ABC of growing up

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rs developments down, just english poetry, tempest/translations, captain corelli’s mandolin and othello, french listening, reading and writing and rs implications to go. I’M SO SCREWED.

totally fucked up rs developments. i didn’t even answer the question. bye bye leeds. i’m not going to get in, i just know it. i have to go though. i NEED to go. it’s for the good of my health. a bit of northern air, and a few northern boys. hmm those sexy northern accents, well, they make a girl go weak in the knees.

sister – we’re growing up! how did this happen?! can we spend the summer being kids? (but with alcohol of course!)





oh ye, im cool and INSATIABLY BORED with all this revision!!!


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oh, i so desire nothing more than to become vegan now. i am almost fully convinced of the benefits to both my health and conscious.

however, a prevailing dilema is how to break it to my parents. though they have been more than supportive about being vegetarian, i’m not too certain that they will continue to be supportive when they find out i’m cutting out dairy, egg and honey.

but this might take a while for me to do, as i am completely unaware of where to find vegan produce; at any supermarket? only at certain ones? which also highlights the fact that some supermarkets are beyond unethical, which therefore begs the question do i even want to shop there.

so before i go headfirst into veganism, i might first read a book or two on it, and maybe find out what bread i can now eat. i honestly never realised dairy products were in so many basic foods.

if i do become vegan over this summer, it will certainly make backpacking round europe and 2 weeks in spain an interesting time dietary wise. though then again a lack of food in my diet would most certainly not be a negative thing to the excess roles of fat i have lying around.

this is my vegan wishlist;

wishlist2bag – asos

shoes – beyond skin

moisturiser – lush

body wash – lush

chanel celaya

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this girl is beyond gorgeous. her eyes are so pretty and wide.



pin up

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i found this great website with 50’s pin-up style dresses; http://pinup-parade.com/homenews/homenews.htm

i do quite like them, but im thinking they’ll probably be way to long for my petite height. I can’t wait to go vintage shopping after exams.

These are the dresses;





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Eek my rs exam is on Friday ! fuckity fuck. Im so screwed. I have so much work to do but this stupid sunny weather is making me think of backpacking with mills, and beni and tarragona. Silly good summer has to wait just another 3 weeks. FREEDOM IS NIGH.